Shepard Explorer

Work-in-progress application for consumers of a popular RPG (role-playing game) to document their branching narrative choices and share decisions with fellow users, with the goal of generating infographics reflecting the most common choices.

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UpdateMe, is a Twitter-like communication app built primarily via Python and the Flask web framework, with the front-end implemented via JQuery, AJAX/JSON, and the noty plugin. Features include an infinitely-scrolling feed of public, site-wide "updates" as well as just updates from users connected with, the ability to comment on updates, direct messaging between connected users, as well as a basic search functionality that queries usernames and updates. All application data is stored in a PostgreSQL database, and at present the application smoothly hosts 50,000 fake users and 65,000 fake updates. Additionally, 90% of the backend code is covered by unit testing, and the program has continuous integration via Travis CI and, ensuring that the application will continue to run as new features are added. For instructions on how to run the application locally, please consult the project's README.

Tech Stack: GitHub Repo

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CSV Data Parser

Simple data parser built in Python to clean/conduct preliminary analysis on a large psychological dataset

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