Talia Trilling is software engineer based out of San Francisco with a passion for technology and a variety of multidisciplinary interests. She is currently a backend software engineer at a small food-tech startup, and was previously an application engineer at a large enterprise SaaS. She graduated with honors from Pitzer College, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Media Studies. While at Pitzer, Talia was employed as a psychology research and teaching assistant, as well as a writing center fellow. Although she was experienced with SPSS and other data analysis tools commonly used in the social sciences, she found herself wanting to learn other more complex ways to interface with this data set. This interest inspired her to learn how to code in Python, and she has since discovered her love of software engineering more broadly as an avenue for continued learning and a way to present information to people in a more meaningful manner.

Talia is proficient in Python, Ruby and Java.

Outside of software engineering, Talia is interested in neurobehavioral research, video game design, and LGBTQ+ activism as well as intersectional and alternative uses of media.